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Enma Marine

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11 Şubat 2024 - 18:59

Enma Marine

A Brand Leading Sea Enthusiasts: Enma Marine

The sea is a world waiting to be discovered, giving people endless freedom. Traveling in this world, on a boat just a few meters square, awakens the adventurer in a person. There is a brand that understands exactly this spirit: Enma Marine.

Enma Marine’s story begins with a passion for maritime. Founder Nuri Enis ERALP, after completing his education, brought together the experiences he gained in the field of maritime around the world and founded Enma Marine in 1996. He spent years at water sports stations in Marmaris, examined and experienced the performance of boats and set out to produce the best.

Today, Enma Marine has become one of the leading brands in the maritime industry. It offers over 30 models under its own brand in the production of fiber boats and inflatable boats. The meticulousness and quality approach in the production process guarantees the safety and comfort of each Enma Marine boat.

However, Enma Marine is not just a boat manufacturer; It is also known as Turkey’s largest SOLAS propeller supplier. It also operates as the authorized dealer and service provider of world giant marine engines such as Yamaha and Suzuki. Among the services it offers, it also specializes in areas such as winterization, maintenance, renovation and repair.

The basis of Enma Marine’s success lies in its unique experience in the sector. Its founder and his team have experienced the roles of consumer, producer, seller, service provider and user for many years, and manage to develop their brands in every aspect.

With its worldwide success, Enma Marine has become one of the sources of pride in Turkey’s maritime industry. Each Enma Marine boat represents the unique quality and reliability of the brand, while making Turkey’s name wave around the world.

For sea lovers, Enma Marine is the symbol of freedom and adventure. Cruises around the world, from the Maldives to Jamaica, from the Adriatic Coast to Norway, with the Enma Marine boat make the dreams of maritime enthusiasts come true.

Enma Marine is waiting for everyone who wants to discover the freedom and adventure of the sea. Set sail with Enma Marine and enjoy the journey on unlimited seas!

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